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For Sale: $6,500 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 600cc Racebike + Full Pit Setup

Posted by epswahn on November 21, 2022 at 11:30 AM Comments comments ()

For Sale: 2008 Kawasaki Ninja ZX6R 600cc Racebike


I first borrowed, then bought this from a close friend a few months ago and did not race it, but did 7 track days on it. Coaching for Sportbike Track Time at Grattan, Gingerman, & Barber. Took a race school as a student at VIR.


I'm selling my full racing setup. I'm not getting out of the sport, big plans coming for 2023+. This is everything you need to get to the racetrack except riding gear, a tow vehicle and a toolbox.


Canopy $175 - used a handful of times

Generator Generac GP2500i $600 - used a handful of times

Trailer $500 - with Pit Bull Trailer restraint, front wheel chock, storage box, extra wheel

Motorcycle $6,500

Digital Tire Warmers Brand New $450

Front / Rear stands Brand New $300

Pit Bull Trailer restraint Pins and Bar (no base - attached to the trailer) $250

Extra set of rims $500


Parts / spares - Stock Rearsets $100, Stock Master cylinder & lever $100, Rear Sprocket $50

Lap Timers - XT Beacon $100, Starlane GPS $500

13 Takeoff tires - $50 each - Rains, DOT's, Slicks


Buy the whole package, I'll do $9,000. Want a specific item, I'll do those listed prices.

Total $10,775- package for $9,000


More about the bike

Refreshed Engine with ~1,400 miles on it, ~2,500 on ODO

Race bodywork with sponsor stickers (PopShadow Decals) and White / Expert number plates #20 - superbike tail with seat foam.

Ready to race

Racebolt Titanium pre drilled Drain Bolt, Front Axle Pinch Bolt, Front brake caliper mount Bolts,

Water Wetter Coolant

Steel braided front brake line

GPR Steering Damper

Vortex Rearsets


Michelin Cup 2 Tires (can mount a fresh set if you wish) ~$400

Akrapovic Undertail Full system Exhaust

Brembo Master & lever

Ohlins front & TTX Rear Suspension - Rare Anodised Red Forks

Quickshifter Up & Down - full throttle clutchless upshifts / clutchless downshifts

Race brake pads

Runs on 93 pump gas

Still has key and ignition

New battery

New fuel pump

Racing brake pads

Brand new never used Moto-D Digital Tire Warmers and Stands front & rear

Go Pro mounts on tank & front fairing

Stompgrip tank grips on the sides and center

Motion pro quick turn throttle

Hotbodies bodywork

Motool Brake Fluid & Oil

Marchesini Rims

Upgraded Chain

Frame sliders

Lever Guards


Generac Generator 2500 - bought this season

Sturdy 10x10 Canopy - only a few events used

Foldable pit table ~6 ft



Small dent on tank

Could use a new throttle grip

One swingarm spool slightly bent but sturdy and usable


Located in Metro Detroit, Michigan


Can separate the package, but not parting out the bike

I'm also an authorized dealer of 22 motorcycle racing brands if you need anything else.

Accossato, Akrapovic, Bonamici Racing, Core Moto Brake Lines, Discacciati Racing, DNA Air Filters, Driven Racing, Eazi Grip, IRC Components, Kriega, M4 Performance Exhaust Systems, Moto-D Racing, Motool, Ogio Powersports, REV’IT, Rizoma, Rokker, Roland Sands Design Gear, Rukka, Spark Exhaust, Starlane Electronics, WRP Brake Pads

The Love of Racing

Posted by epswahn on November 14, 2022 at 3:40 PM Comments comments ()

Title: The Love of Racing

Pitch/Angle: Why do people love racing?


I did not grow up in a racing household. My parents had never raced, my friends didn't race, and before I started, I had nobody around me to help me along. I love racing because it's different than the traditional stick & ball sports. I played soccer and hockey for around 20 years combined, and I love aspects of those sports but they don't get me as excited as racing does. You see, in those sports you could have a great game, and still lose due to a million factors outside of your control or even win a game that you played poorly. Sometimes a favorable bounce or deflection can help an otherwise lesser team come out on top. Now in a professional motorsports environment, I would argue that there is almost zero chance of winning if your competition is better than you. The only way that could happen is if everyone either crashed out or had mechanical issues which is possible but extremely rare, more likely in poor weather conditions.


Racing is very much a results based activity. You will almost never win being slow and lucky. You must be able to do fast lap times consistently, and be able to get through traffic. In racing, it's very easy to see if you are improving, plateauing, or declining based on your results, your lap times. In most other sports, your results are subjective, based on the outcome of a match with another team. Yes you are competing against other riders, but your own performance is the main metric you want to be improving on. Sometimes the weather may change and slow down your times, but you always want to be hitting your personal best lap times for each unique track condition. It's rewarding to see your lap time drop 3 seconds from one year to the next on the exact same machinery, same model of tires (yet new tires), and same track. This drop in lap time is usually the result of certain settings for suspension, tire pressure, gearing front and rear sprockets, riding style, line choice, and many other factors. I would say that generally, as the track gets older and degrades, the lap times should slow down, but sometimes the lap times keep dropping in time. This is due to ever increasing technology on the vehicles or certain parts like tires, increasing skill of the riders, increasing experience of completing more laps, and even determination.


I love racing because it's such a tough sport. There are so many hurdles to becoming a professional. Financially, it's a rich mans sport. When I was first thinking about going to the racetrack I had no intentions of racing, but after a few days on track I saw that I was already faster than some racers. I knew that racing was expensive, but I thought to myself what would the rest of my life look like if I was able to fund racing? It would likely be pretty darn good if I could afford a passion of racing that costs $100,000+ annually in addition to covering all of my personal expenses. While racing being expensive is a huge barrier of entry into the sport, it also amplifies the people who are dedicated to it vs those who just dabble. You can't really half-ass racing, there will always be someone who has done more laps than you, who has more seat time, who is more comfortable and can push harder. Just like anything competitive, you have to put in the work beforehand if you want favorable results. Since racing is expensive, you will get a smaller pool of people who can afford to participate in it financially and from a time perspective. You have to take work off, and travel quite a bit. It takes a certain type of person who wants to take on something like that. I've noticed that sometimes the most affluent riders don't have that drive to push really hard, but the guys who are on a shoestring budget are there because they love it, it means more to them.


I both love and hate racing because it isn't yet fully safe. I wish it wasn’t the case, but racers can still die in the modern era. It's totally possible to crash, hit your head and die or become paralyzed from just hitting the ground. Until airbag, helmet, and neck injury prevention systems are better, this is always a possibility, although rather unlikely. The more common catastrophes involve crashing into stationary barriers, and crashing then being run-over by a fellow racer. Getting run over is fairly uncommon, with the likeliness decreasing significantly after the first few laps when everyone is fighting for position after the start. My biggest fear when racing, which has already happened to me is hitting a stationary barrier / pit wall / guard rail / tire wall. I didn't stop racing out of fear, but due to being out of money with no significant financial sponsors, not for a lack of trying. If I had the funds, I would've been back on the bike within 3 months after breaking 7 bones. While I almost died in my accident and I never want to repeat what happened, it still doesn't make me want to give up racing. I knew the risks long before that accident, and I chose to participate, nobody is forcing us. Generally, I feel like I'm more willing than the average person to put my body in harms way to achieve something great. Now, I do think about the risk vs reward ratio quite often, meaning if there's no benefit then I don't want to make those risky decisions. It's about being smart, not about being reckless. I feel like I've had a lot of experience with riding, racing, and crashing, that I'm a "good crasher" who typically comes out uninjured in most instances. Racing separates the men from the boys, so to speak. Many people will say, "I have to be at work on Monday", when they didn't go as fast as they would've liked. They're mentally holding themselves back from going faster with the guise of safety.


Marketing & Advertising Opportunities

Posted by epswahn on August 4, 2022 at 10:35 AM Comments comments ()

ESR - Eric Swahn Racing offers marketing opportunities with our racing program, podcast, blog, social media, and website.

If you would like to learn more, please see our 2022 Marketing Proposal

Motorcycle Racing Resource Guide - Eric Swahn Racing 2022 07/26/22 Blog #32

Posted by epswahn on July 26, 2022 at 5:35 PM Comments comments ()

Motorcycle Racing Resource Guide

Eric Swahn Racing 2022

07/26/22 Blog #32

This is a blog in progress. Started 07/26/22

My goal is to assemble a complete resource of racing related brands, businesses, people, and organizations I recommend. These are by no means the only acceptable brands out there, but ones I've had experience with.

Some are:

1. Sponsors - Past or present

2. For Sale by ESR, we are an Authorized Dealer - Available through ESR!

3. Purchased by us with no incentive

4. Reputable - Hear good things about



Shoei - - Sponsor

Scorpion - - Purchased

O'Neal - - Available through ESR!


Leather Race Suits

REV'IT! - - Available through ESR!

Alpinestars - - Purchased

RS Taichi - - Purchased

Bison Track - - Reputable Custom Leathers


Alpinestars -


Knox - - Sponsor

RS Taichi - - Purchased


Moto-D - - Available through ESR!

REV'IT! - - Available through ESR!


Back Protectors

Knox - - Sponsor

Alpinestars - - Purchased

Chest Protectors

Alpinestars - - Purchased

Armored Shorts

Knox - - Sponsor

Hard Parts

Brake Pads

Works Racing Parts - - Available through ESR!

SBS - - Sponsor


Vortex - - Sponsor

Bonamici - Available through ESR!

Race Bodywork

Hot Bodies - - Purchased

Sharkskinz - - Heard good things about

Armour Bodies / Woodcraft -

Brake Lines

Core Moto - - Buy it through ESR!


Motool Suspension Setup Tool - - Available through ESR!

Gas Cans

VP Fuel Cans -


Get Licensed - Motorcycle Endorsement

MSF - Motorcycle Safety Foundation -

Expert Coaches

Jason DiSalvo Speed Academy - Took as a student, now operating as Ride University -

California Superbike School - Taking as a student 08/02/22 -

Track Time

Sportbike Track Time - Sportbikes -

Great Lakes Supermoto - Supermoto & Minis -

Racing Organizations

ASRA - American Sportbike Racing Association -

CCS - Championship Cup Series -

WERA Motorcycle Roadracing -

MotoAmerica -

Motorcycle Brands I've Owned

Kawasaki -

Triumph -

Suspension Tuners

Witchkraft Motorsports

Nick's Motorcycle Suspension

Camping Gear - Camping at the track or for lightweight travel


Big Agnes - - lightweight backpack tents

Coleman - - 60 second popup tents for cars/trucks



I've previously worked at

Sportbike Track Gear -

Pacific Motors -

Forums - Information & Ask your community

WERA Motorcycle Forums-

STT Forum - Sportbike Track Time Forum -

My Info

eBay Store



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My Vendors

Past / Current Sponsors


If a link is wrong, or you think something should be added, please comment below!


Eric Swahn


Sales - Podcast - Racing - Track Marshal - Rider Coach - Marketing

July 1st, 2022

Posted by epswahn on July 1, 2022 at 9:30 AM Comments comments ()



It’s now the second half of 2022. The NHL Playoffs are over, MotoGP is going into their summer break, Supermoto and Roadracing Trackdays are in full swing. This past year has been interesting for me. My business isn’t to the point where I can dedicate my 100% effort to it quite yet, so that means I need to have side jobs / part time to help sustain my business and myself sometimes. I’ve also been laid off in the past and I know how important it is to have multiple streams of income. In September of 2021 I was laid off from my full time 3.5-year job at an Aluminum company. I worked as a Traffic Coordinator, shipping ~875 million pounds of materials in that time frame. I was making good money, but it just wasn’t what I wanted to be doing, pushing paperwork all day. I took this as an opportunity to work more on my business & find some part time work.


ESR – & is an authorized dealer of 35 motorsports brands. The hard part is listing it all for sale online. So far online for sale right now, we have at least 16 brands: M4 Performance Exhaust Systems, REV’IT! Clothing & Gear, Driven Racing USA, Roland Sands Design Gear, Bonamici, Starlane Electronics, Accossato, IRC Components, Spark Exhaust, Moto-D, Eazi-Grip, Motool, DNA Air Filters, Discacciati, Works Racing Parts, Akrapovic Exhausts. We also do sales on eBay and Amazon.


I have just recently gotten over the milestone of 100 published podcast episodes which I’m excited about. I’ve been doing it for over 2 years now, I’ve talked to some pretty high up people and great locals as well. It’s cool to network with others but also, I intend to eventually place ads on the podcast to help generate ad revenue from it. So, if you have a business that is looking for some advertising, send me a message and I can get you our pricing. Our podcast reaches thousands of people per episode for a regular guest, if you share it too it boosts it even higher. We’re also always looking for guests in the motorsports industry, or you could be totally unrelated to it.


I’ve become a certified rider coach with MSF – Motorcycle Safety Foundation this year. You must go through a rigorous coach training program including an online e-course, zoom sessions, several weekends of studying a large binder of material, in person riding, multiple choice tests, riding evaluations, peer teaching, student teaching evaluations, etc. In my group, we started with 10 coach candidates and for whatever reason, only 4 became coaches. For anyone who is a skilled communicator and rider, MSF is always looking for great coaches. For anyone who wants to get licensed or learn how to ride a motorcycle, this is where I learned how to ride 16 years ago.


In 2021 I became a track marshal for several organizations. In a little over a year, I have now worked for 10 organizations for motorcycle roadracing, motocross, flat track, sports cars, & open wheel cars, both amateur and professional: AHRMA, AMA, ASRA, CCS, F1, IndyCar, MotoAmerica, MotoGP, NATC, WERA. It’s been cool to see the sport from a whole new angle. Sometimes I can’t afford to be racing out there so this is a way that I can make money at the racetrack depending on which organization that is running it that weekend.


A few months ago, I bought my first street bike in years, a 2021 Kawasaki KLX 300 SM. This bike is basically a dirt bike with street tires on it. It’s street legal, good for on and off road, even without knobby tires. Last year I did a few Supermoto track days with Great Lakes SuperMoto – GLSM and it’s a blast. The smiles to dollar ratio is off the charts. It’s so much cheaper than riding sportbikes at a racetrack. You don’t go through tires, barely use any gas, if you crash, you’re going much slower, and these bikes crash well. It’s common for nothing to break when they crash, it’s quite amazing. We’re talking about $70 dollars for your track time per day, no gate fee, that’s it. Just drive 1-1.5 hours and you’re there. Yes, you’re going under 60 MPH but you still get a lot of the same feelings as you would on a bigger bike. GLSM has started to host races as well. I entered the Motard pavement only race, started 6th, got up to 4th and finished 5th in my first motorcycle race since 2015. It was an open class so my stock 292cc/300 was no match for the race-ready Husqvarna 450s but it was fun! A few weekends ago they had the GLSM Tripple Crown at Jackson Speedway, Michigan. Jackson has a small kart track (~25 second laps), they're allowing Will to design and build his own Motocross dirt section with whoops, berms, jumps, doubles, tabletops, step-ups, etc., and they have a separate dirt flattrack oval. There are three distinct tracks that we loop together to make 1 lap. Start with the kart track, then to MX, then flattrack, then back to pavement. It was a ton of fun. 



This holiday I’m doing my first 3-day track day weekend in years. I think it was maybe 2013 or 2014 since I did a 3-day track day weekend, I stopped doing track days as much when I got into racing. The last track day on a 600cc machine was 2018 and that was a half a day on a bike I had just fixed up, looking to sell, and wasn’t trying to crash again so I wasn’t pushing very hard. I’m excited to shake some cobwebs off my riding skills and get back out there on track at Grattan Raceway, leaving in a few hours for Saturday – Monday 07/02-04/22. Yes, the same place I hit the guardrail in 2015. It’s my home track.

I have great friends. I do not own a sportbike currently, so I asked around to see if I could borrow/rent one for this event. I had a few people step up and offer their machines. One fell through but I ended up securing a 2008 Kawasaki ZX6R, race ready. He wasn’t using it anyways this weekend and has another bike, so he’s not very concerned. If I do end up having a crash, I sell a lot of parts, so I get them at cost at least. I asked if I could put some number plates on the bike and he didn’t mind, only if it was #46 he says. Well, I’m only 26 off. I had some spare number plates left over #20. I got a little carried away and put Small, Medium, Large ESR stickers and vendor stickers on it like Motool, Driven, PopShadow Decals, & WERA. I should feel comfortable on this bike, I had the 06 636 and the 09 600 so the 08 600 should fit right in. I don’t expect to be setting any lap records this weekend but riding at the track is something I’ve been watching other people do as a track marshal at 16 events now and it’s time for me to be back on the bike.


The real reason I’m doing this track day weekend is for a job interview. I like coaching MSF but that’s all under 30 MPH in parking lots with beginner riders who’ve maybe never seen a clutch before. I’d also like to do racetrack coaching for more experienced riders and so I’ve already had a good interview with an unnamed motorcycle coaching school. The next step in this interview process is to take their course as a student, then get evaluated on my riding at the end of the day by a senior instructor. So, this trackday weekend is just to get back some confidence and comfort before going into that evaluation day. This is my dream job.


I have 3 podcasts already recorded that I’ll be uploading shortly and 3 more on the schedule to record coming up. We’ll be uploading new products as much as we can. Check back often!



So please, check out the podcast & let me know your feedback.


Head over to the ESR Hub -




See you at the racetrack!



-Eric Swahn


Sales – Podcast – Racing – Track Marshal – Rider Coach


ESR Podcast Directory

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ESR Podcast Directory 

Here’s a list of the first year and a half of 81 podcasts I’ve published so far. I’ve attempted to categorize them based on the guest’s experience and background. Let me know if you see something that needs to be updated or changed.





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Notable Guests

#10 Cristy Lee - TV Host, Motorsports Enthusiast

#18 James Rispoli - AFT, BSB Supersport & Stock 1000, AMA Pro Supersport & Daytona SportBike

#31 Andrew Lee - FIM EWC - Endurance World Championship

#44 Brandon Cretu - EWC, Isle of Man TT, Macau Grand Prix, Northwest 200, & Ulster GP

#60 Dominique Aegeter - 2021 WSBK Supersport World Champion & MotoE Race winner, Moto2 Race winner, 125 world championship racer

#26 & #75 Jayson Uribe - World Superbike & MotoAmerica Superbike racer

Guest List


#1 Parents - Laura & Paul Swahn 

#6 Brother - Kevin Swahn 

#7 Dad - Paul Swahn 

#8 Cousin - Tony Suzio - Tony Paints



#12 AJ Dombrowski

#42 Al Danaj -  Emergency Medicine Doctor

#46 Matt Dombrowski



#27 Nafio Haque

#46 Matt Dombrowski


Musical Artists / Bands

 #64 Ryan Mitchell – Water Culture

#85 Meghan Czachor - MusicLover



#42 Al Danaj – Emergency Medicine Doctor 



#8 Tony Suzio - Tony Paints 

#13 Gray Pham - GP Industries – Motorsports Filming

#19 Scott Fournier - The Float Institute - Float Tanks

#40 Max Tornow – Freedom Business Mentor - Coaching for Coaches

#44 Brandon Cretu - Rise Moto – Ohvale USA Distributor

#58 Robert Lackey - Bison Track LLC

#62 Michael Torres – Racing Manager

#69 Ethan Capalchuck - Southern Pride Performance Coach

#76 Schyler Kopp #2 - On Track Performance Coach

#84 Aaron Stevenson - Cornerspin Riding School

#86 Jeff Heiser - Epic Beard Photography

#95 Eddie Abraham - 22 Motowerks

#99 CJ LaRoche - LaRoche Tree Services & LaRoche Aviation Services

#100 Mobility Duo - Yoga For Snowboarding

Movie Stars / TV Personalities

#10 Cristy Lee

#59 Jamie Howe

Other Podcasters

#20 Eric Lo - The Shiny Side Up Podcast

#22 Josh Wiese - Sponsored Rider Club Podcast


Podcasts I (Eric Swahn) appeared on

07/14/20 - So, you want to ride a Motorcycle? Podcast - Episode 048: Racing to the Track with Eric Swahn Racing

07/27/20 - Shiny Side Up Podcast #24 Eric Swahn (Owner of


Vendors of Products that ESR Sells

#39 Moto-D Racing – Scott Diamond

#45 Motool – John Casebeer


Triathlon Athletes

 #6 Brother - Kevin Swahn

Road Bicycle Racers

#3 Ed Garcia


Mountain Bike Racers

#9 Jeff O’Berry

#63 Sean Kingsbury #2

Street Motorcycle Riders 

#2 Gary Douglas 

#3 Ed Garcia

#8 Tony Suzio - Tony Paints

#101 Thomas Osburn - Blogger

Racetrack Ministers

#52 Mark Merical – Race Line Ministry

Race Officials / Track Marshals / Flag Marshals

#88 Daniel Shoemake

#96 Alex aka Sasha Demshin

#102 Annie Anderson


Track Day & Racing Organizations

#54 Will Wildner – Great Lakes Supermoto

#57 Connor Barr – AHRMA

#70 Dustin Coyner – TrackDaz


Track Day & Racing Coaches

#9 Jeff O’Berry

#29 Carl Soltisz 

#21 David Grey

#84 Aaron Stevenson - Cornerspin Riding School

#95 Eddie Abraham - 22 Motowerks

Pit Crew / Team Mechanics

#90 Justin Passainse


Motocross Racers

#24 Joe Kremkow

#65 Joe Kremkow #2

Amateur Supermoto Racers

#103 Andres Jaramillo

Novice Amateur Motorcycle Racers – WERA / CCS / AFM

#9 Jeff O’Berry

#17 Anna Rigby - Red Spade

#38 Bob Sawicki

#52 Mark Merical – Race Line Ministry

#61 Billy Ball

#66 Niranjan Mahender

#68 Eric Garcia

#98 Michael Cavalli

Expert Amateur Motorcycle Racers – WERA / CCS / AFM

#14 Al Zahoui

#21 David Grey

#25 Ryan Boddy – Canadian?

#30 Schyler Kopp

#32 Aaron Dearborn

#36 Nick Hande

#53 Drew Lamourex

#73 Raul Herrera

#76 Schyler Kopp #2

#77 Tyler Jackson

#79 Eli Block

#81 Jacob Brown

#83 Vito DiCarlo

#87 Brenden Ketelsen

#93 Bobby Leavitt

Professional Racers

SMEC SuperMoto East Coast - SuperMoto Racers

#9 Jeff O’Berry

#29 Carl Soltisz


MotoAmerica Ohvale Mini Cup

#67 Ian Fraley


North American Talent Cup

#91 Logan Monk

MotoAmerica - Junior Cup & KTM RC390

#4 Nolan Lamkin

#13 Gray Pham - GP Industries

#33 Keagan Brown Racing 

#35 Jack Roach

#37 Joseph Limandri

#55 Dezrae Caldwell

#72 Jack Roach #2

#74 Keagan Brown #2

#78 Joseph Limandri #2

#91 Logan Monk


Twins Cup

#41 Dominic Doyle

#43 Jackson Blackmon

#47 John Knowles

#49 Tyler Humphreys - HSBK 

#89 Brycen Stein


AMA Pro Supersport & Daytona SportBike 600 Class

#16 Ryan Kerr

#18 James Rispoli

#21 David Grey 


MotoAmerica Supersport 600 Class

#4 Nolan Lamkin

#5 John Hawkins

#28 Dustin Apgar - RIP

#29 Carl Soltisz 

#34 Sean Kingsbury + Mark Rhoades 

#50 Tyler Wasserbauer 

#99 CJ LaRoche - LaRoche Tree Services & LaRoche Aviation Services

MotoAmerica – Stock 1000

#15 Josh Geradot 

#51 Steven Shakespeare

#56 Travis Wyman

#83 Vito DiCarlo

#92 Trevor Watson

#94 Sean Thomas

#97 Michael & Zach Butler

AMA – Superbike

#71 Reese Wacker


MotoAmerica – Superbike 1000 Class

#11 Max Flinders 

#26 Jayson Uribe

#35 Bobby Fong 

#75 Jayson Uribe #2

#80 Johnny Rock Page


British Junior Supersport JSS

#82 Chloe Jones


British Supersport 600

#18 James Rispoli


British National Superstock 1000

#18 James Rispoli


American Flat Track

#16 Ryan Kerr

#18 James Rispoli

#23 Ben Lowe


World Superbike

#26 Jayson Uribe

#75 Jayson Uribe #2


FIM EWC - Endurance World Championship

#31 Andrew Lee 

#44 Brandon Cretu


Isle of Man TT, Macau Grand Prix, Northwest 200, & Ulster GP

#44 Brandon Cretu


2021 World Superbike FIM Supersport World Champion & MotoE Racer

#60 Dominique Aegerter


Land Speed Racers

#48 Valerie Thompson – Female Land Speed Record Holder 328 MPH 



Compilation of 1-10 

Compilation of 11-20 

Compilation of 21-30 

Payment Methods

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Quite often someone will buy something on eBay or Amazon, and want to upgrade or change products

So if you need to make a payment, upgrade shipping, or donate.

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ESR Sells #28

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Motorcycle/ Motocross/ Mountain Bike/ Car Racing Gear, Parts, Accessories, & Tires

We sell motorcycle parts for most modern sportbikes:

Aprilia, BMW, Ducati, Honda, Kawasaki, KTM, MV Agusta, Suzuki, Triumph, & Yamaha

Apparel & Riding Gear - Youth, Men, & Women - Armored Shorts/Hip Protection, Boots, Body Armor/Chest Protectors, Elbow Guards, Gloves, Googles, Goggle Lenses/ Tearoffs, Hats - Baseball Caps/ Beanies, Helmets - Helmet Liners/ Extra Visors, Hoodies, Jackets, Jerseys, Kidney Belt, Knee/Shin Guards, Pants, Shirts, Shoes, Shorts, Socks, Undersuits,

Sportbike Motorcycle Parts - Air Filters, Aluminum Forged Wheels, Bar Ends, Brake/ Clutch Calipers/ Guards/ Levers/ Lines/Master Cylinders/ F/R Oil Reservoirs/ Switches, Camera Mounts, Captive Wheel Spacers, 420/ 428/ 520/ 525/ 530 Chains, Chain Adjusters, Clip-on's/Handlebars, Crash Protection - Axle Block Sliders/ Cam/ Dashboard/ Endurance Cups/ Engine Case/ Sprocket/ Timing/ Valve Covers/ Shark/Toe Guards/ Tank Sliders, Electronics - Mantis Tire Temperature Sensor, Engine/ Oil Fill Plugs, Exhausts, Fender Eliminators, Folding Shifters, Fuel Caps, Mirrors & Mirror Eliminators, Grips, Quickshifters, Rearsets/Foot Pegs, Sprockets F/R & Sprocket Nuts, Suspension Parts - Preload Adjusters, Tank Grips, Throttle Tubes, Triple Clamps, Turn Signals

Car Parts – Wheels, Wheel Spacers

Motocross Motorcycle Parts - Grips, Roost Guards

Mountain Bike Parts – Axles, Bars, Driver Bodies, Fenders, Grips, Hubs - Freehub Bodies, Flat/ SPD Pedals, Quick Release Seat Post Clamps, Seat Posts, Stems, 26/ 29” Wheelsets/ Rims

Motorcycle Accessories - Backpacks & Hydration Backpacks, Bike Covers, Front & Rear Bike Stands, Gear/ Helmet Bags/ Goggle Boxes/ Rolling Luggage/ Tool Cases, Ramps, Strapless Transport Stands, Tire Warmers, Tools – Motool, Saddle/ Tank Bags, Stickers, Suspension Setup, Umbrellas, Workshop Mats, Etc.

Motorcycle Tires - DOT/Street, Slick, Rain, Off-road

Vendors - Core Moto, Driven Racing, Four Sigmatic, Import Image Racing / Nahm Industries, Jim O'Neal Distributing, M4 Performance Exhaust, Moto-D Racing, Motool, Upshift

Brands - Accossato, Akrapovic, Azonic, Blur Optics, Bonamici, Comis Racing Wheels, DNA Air Filters, Eazi-Grip Tank Grips, IRC Electronics, Kreiga, Noble Performance, O'Neal, Ogio Powersports, Rokker, Rukka, Silvers North America, Spark Exhausts.

We also sell items in over 500 categories including: Art, Books, Collectibles, Electronics, Movies, Music, Sporting Goods, Tools, & Video Games.


ESR 2019 Update Summary #27

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Photo from Yankee Springs TT 04/27/19

ESR 2019 Update Summary #27






In 2016 I started selling products on eBay, and I had a few volunteers who would help here and there through 2017. In June of 2018 I started hiring 1 person part time to help out M-F for up to 4 hours per day. After dozens of interviews I went through 6 employees in 2018. In 2019 I had 5 different employees by July. I did find three great people who made it past at least the 2 month mark. Small victories. My dad began working remotely for me in May and I’ve been showing him different parts of the business that he’s been helping with. I spent the rest of the year with no physical employee to help save up money and developed a slightly different plan. Although I’d love a physical employee here to help ship orders, it’s not essential right now. We need tens of thousands of new product listings to be created, which can be done from anywhere in the world. Continued in 2020 VAs below…


Racing – Mountain Bike Racing – MTB

I participated in all 10 rounds of the MMBA CPS – Michigan Mountain Bike Association Championship Points Series Races this year. I won the championship last year in my class so I moved up to Sport and got 4th overall in my class. I upgraded my bike this year after putting over 3,600 miles on my 20 year old vintage – main bicycle. I held out for so long, and what a huge massive difference it made. I got a brand spanking new 2019 Trek Top Fuel 8. It’s such an upgrade. Now I just need a better engine.



If you would like to place an order for anything that we sell, please send me an email to with links, part numbers, sizes/colors, bike year/make/model, and I will do my best to help you out.

We have been approved as an Authorized Dealer of 8 distributors with multiple brands per distributor in some cases. We now have access to over 23,000 brand new items, ranging from Motorcycle, Motorsports, Racing, Motorcycle Racing, Car Racing, Car Parts, Car Rims, Car Suspension, Tools, Mountain Bike Parts, Apparel, Gear, Gloves, Goggles, Motocross, Dirt Bike Parts, etc.

Our newest Vendors & Brands are:

Core Moto - Brake Lines, Chains, Forged Wheels, Sprockets

Driven Racing - Apparel, Chasis, Drive, Electronics, Engine & Fuel, Fluid Containers, Foot Controls, Garage, Hand Controls, Mantis, Mirrors

Moto-D Racing - Accossato, Bonamici, DNA Air Filters, Eazi-Grip, IRC Electronics, Spark Exhausts

Import Image Racing / Nahm Industries - Comis Racing Wheels, Noble Performance

O'Neal - Motocross & Cycling O'Neal, Ogio Powersports

M4 Performance Exhaust

Motool - Suspension Tools

Upshift - Akrapovic, Kreiga, Rokker, Rukka

We want to focus on motorsports & racing parts. HOWEVER we also need to diversify our product lines due to seasonal changes so the next brands we go after won’t be motorsports. I want to sell everything. Nobody cares what your seller name is on eBay or Amazon as long as you have good feedback. The next categories I’d like to get into are: Electronics, Audio Equipment, Musical Instruments, Watches, Sporting Goods, etc.







We are continuing to develop our listing procedures, and in February I plan to begin with the next stage of this business. I started the sales side of this business with scaling the business in mind. So I have documented how to create a listing in detail from start to finish with each marketplace we sell on. This will be used to quickly train employees and soon to start with Virtual Assistants – VAs. I’m going to outsource my labor since the majority of my tasks can be done with excel and an internet connection. As long as my tasks are easily spelled out, then you don’t need to pay a lot for high quality labor, and using geoarbitrage to your advantage I found a team of workers from a company in India willing to help for $5/hr instead of what I was paying before $13/hr, almost a third of the cost. So I plan to begin with 1 full time VA who will also have a backup if the main assistant is out. Continued in Goals below…



I plan to continue with doing the 10 round Michigan MTB Championship as it’s massively cheaper than motorsports. I might do some road bicycle races for the first time at Grattan or Waterford hills, maybe a Sprint or Olympic Triathlon, maybe a few foot races, and a Tough Mudder. For me my racing priority is the mountain bike championship, then sprinkle in what doesn’t conflict. I’d like to be more competitive but at this point my business of ecommerce/sales comes first. I still work a full time job 0600 – 1430, then work ESR from at least 1500 – 1800 M-F and the rest of the time on the weekends.



As we get started with VAs I’m sure there will be issues we haven’t thought of yet, but once everything is up to speed I expect to get to at least 1,000 new listings being created per month. We’ll see how things progress, with someone familiar with the process it could be upwards of 2,000/month or more, I’m not sure yet. I’ve always been slowed down by wearing every hat so I never have the time to only focus on creating listings for an entire month.


Overall I’m excited for where ESR is as a company. I wish all of this would progress much faster and be selling millions by tomorrow, but I’m just staying patient and getting things done as best I can. They say it usually takes 5 years for a business to become profitable, but that’s with a team of people, maybe an investment, and working it full time. I’m doing this part time basically by myself, with no investors so it’s going to take a few days extra, but I am not stopping. It’s better than it was last year, and still improving.



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Photo from Fort Custer 05/05/19

ESR Eric Swahn Racing is looking to help make you money by selling your items through Consignment

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ESR – Eric Swahn Racing is looking to help make you money by selling your items through Consignment

We are an e-commerce online retailer looking to sell your items for you!

We specialize in Motorcycle Parts, Gear, and Tires, yet we sell in over 500 unique categories online including:

Art, Car Parts, Collectibles, Electronics (Cameras, Computers, Phones, TVs, etc.), Kitchen Equipment, Jewelry, Medical Equipment, Musical Instruments, Sporting Goods, Textbooks, Tools, & Vehicles (Cars/Trucks, Motorcycles, Scooters)

We are interested in items over $50. We’ve shipped over 1,500 orders to 49 states and 30+ countries. Chances are that we’ve sold your type of item successfully before. We take possession of the items, photograph them in our photography studio, list the items on a variety of marketplaces such as eBay, our website, and Craigslist. We have a great reputation selling online and have 600+ positive reviews. You can drop off the items in Sterling Heights, MI for free, or we can arrange to pick them up from you for a small fee. Once we have the items, we take care of everything else. Once an item sells and passes the return period, we send you a check in the mail or digital payment through PayPal.

The Consignment percentages that we use are based on the sale price of the items:

>=$1,000 You Keep 90%

$500.00 - $999.99 You Keep 80%

$250.00 - $499.99 You Keep 70%

$100.00 - $249.99 You Keep 60%

$50.00 - $99.99 You Keep 50%

If you’re interested in our consignment program please send us an email to with the number of items, a quick description, and a few photos.